Photography will always be a investment worth making. Nobody looks back at a collection of cherished portraits and wishes they had never paid to make them. 

Maybe you have a favorite vintage photo of a great grandparent when they were younger.  How much did that portrait cost to make, compared to how much it's worth to you now?

 I found these recently in our family album: Professional portraits of my grandparents in the Philippines, grandmother in China, and my Father when he was a young child.  (Still not sure of the decision to cut them like this...)

I found these recently in our family album: Professional portraits of my grandparents in the Philippines, grandmother in China, and my Father when he was a young child.  (Still not sure of the decision to cut them like this...)

The amount paid 50 years ago is inconsequential compared to the value of preserving a family story for more than half a century.

Just imagine how much the pictures of your wedding, your first child, or your family will be worth to you, many years down the road. How much will it be worth to your grandchildren?

If you're like us, you recognize that the true future value of every photo we produce will always far exceed whatever price we could put on it today. 


We create our wedding and portrait collections with the future in mind.


These images aren't just cute posts that you'll see once on a cell phone and never think about again.

It's the portrait on the wall of your home that greets you with a happy memory when you walk in.

It's the images that remind your children everyday that they are loved, and that they belong.

It's the visual language in which your story is told to future generations.

Photos are a part of your personal legacy, an investment for life.



Everyone is different.  Every relationship, wedding, child, and family is unique, and we love that!  Making photography more personal, and less cookie-cutter is so important to us.  We work hard to custom tailor our photography collections to each client and their individual values.

So of course, when you connect with us, our first priority is to get to know you!

  • What things are most important to you?
  • If you're a couple, what do you love about each other? 
  • How can we make your photography collection more... you

Yes, it takes more time to have an actual conversation than to just text someone, "Hi, here's our prices."  It takes more effort, more interest, more... everything!  But, that's the whole point!

Conversations help us learn about your personality and let us give you more personalized options and suggestions that matter to you and your family.  Even if it means referring you to another photographer!

We also realize that inviting someone into your life, your home, or your wedding day requires a certain amount of trust. 

So, having a chat is also a great way for you to build that foundation of confidence, and feel more comfortable with us as your photographers and friends!



As our start page says: We're for couples and families that care deeply about photography and recognize the enormous value it can bring to their lives. Our collections are moderately priced, and reflect our wealth of experience and expertise in our craft. 

Portraits: To get started, clients deposit a small fee to reserve a portrait session date and time.

  • Choose a session length, 60-Minute (Standard) to 90-Minute (Deluxe)
  • Deluxe sessions come with an on-location changing booth for outfit-changes
  • After your shoot, we arrange an exciting reveal of your finished and retouched photos
  • All products, including Prints, Canvas, Albums, and Digital Files are sold à la carte

Although there is no minimum amount, most clients plan to invest $1200 or more on custom portraiture.

Weddings: We offer fully-customizable collections at different investment levels. Our most popular package is valued at $4500.

All our collections come with:

  • Two Photographers: Josh & Vane!
  • A Complimentary Engagement Session
  • Unlimited Photos Taken; No Artificial Caps.
  • Gallery Curation: All the Best Images
  • Professional Retouching & Color Correction
  • Private Online Access + Print & Album Ordering
  • Complimentary Album Design Service
  • All High-Res, Un-watermarked Digital Files

A Note on Affordability:  We believe everyone deserves the gift of great photography, so payment plans and special financing are available to help an even greater variety of clients afford the photography they deserve.  Ask us anything!


Less for us. More for you.

Long ago, we made an unconventional choice:  To take on just 12 weddings per year or less, and hardly ever scheduling back-to-backs. Why?  Two reasons, primarily.

Weddings require a huge amount of energy, especially when you shoot them like we do; Dancing through the day.  Scheduling less events means we won't be too tired to give each wedding everything we've got! 

Spacing the weddings ensures that each couple receives an unforgettable amount of care and the personalized experience they deserve from us.

When you choose to invest with us, we in turn, dedicate a substantial amount of our time and energy to you.