Weddings & Engagements

From "Yes" to "I Do" and beyond!

  • Proposal coverage: An optional service. We are small enough to hide behind 97% of all bushes.
  • Engagements: We highlight your unique personality with a fun and relaxed engagement session!
  • Two photographers: Get expert coverage of your wedding day, and tell the story from multiple angles.
  • More than photography: We'll keep you relaxed throughout the day with our attention to detail and your timeline.
  • Bring another level of joy to the occasion: Family & friends are always entertained with an exclusive Dancing-Ninja™!

Children & Family

So many "Aww" moments, you can't even. Or can you?

  • Your Legacy. Preserved Right: Cell phone pictures are nice, but we want to make the heirloom-worthy pictures that will live on your walls, and welcome you home.
  • Stop The Train: Children sprout quick, their personalities and faces growing faster by the day.  Portraits are your very own time machine, letting you press pause on this moment, and enjoy the way they are now, even long after they've grown.
  • Kid-Friendly: We love kids, and they tend to feel comfortable and happy, playing and running with us. Maybe because we're not that much bigger than them?

Creative Portraiture

Milestones. Profiles. Or Just Because.

  • Milestones: "We just made our 3rd Anniversary!", "I want beautiful senior pictures for my graduation!", "I just opened a new cafe!" Whatever your personal milestone may be, we can help you mark the occasion with custom portraiture.
  • Profiles: You deserve better than an ugly DMV photo to represent yourself or your brand.  We offer no-stress styling consultation for your personal or professional profile pictures.
  • Just Because: Do you really need an excuse to want nice pictures of yourself?  We don't think so.  Go on, treat yourself!


Ready to get started?  Conversations are free. Let's explore what we can create together!