How do we reserve your services for our wedding?

We're honored to be your choice! To reserve wedding services, you will be sent a contract to review. Our contract covers the services and products that will be provided.

The standard deposit for any collection is $1000.

You may also deposit the entire collection upfront! Special perks are available for upfront payments, including extra coverage or bonus products. Inquire for details.

When should we book wedding photography?

As soon as possible! There are only so many weekends available in the year and we only accept up to 12 weddings each year to ensure a high level of personal service.

If using one of our payment plans, booking with advance time also lets you spread installments over a longer period of time.

What kind of photo equipment do you use?

We typically use Nikon FX (Full Frame) Professional Cameras.

Although our choice of gear plays a part, the quality of our images is mostly dependant on our skill in using said gear, and our exclusive post-processing techniques.

We have also used Canon, Fuji, Olympus, and Sony equipment professionally.

Do you have backup plans and equipment?

Absolutely. We are firm believers in Murphy's Law, and take all possible precautions to make sure your photos are safeguarded, both before, during, and after the wedding.

For example: We clean and thoroughly test everything before the wedding day. We bring at least two cameras and a variety of primary and secondary lenses. We require each camera have dual memory card slots, ensuring that every picture we take is instantly copied twice to two different cards. We have extra flash units, extra cords, and extra sets of batteries for everything. We keep our car in excellent repair for safety and reliability.

After the wedding, the photos are copied to an additional two locations, on-site and in the cloud. After delivery, they are kept in redundant backup on at least two physical and cloud-based locations.

Are you professionally insured?


Some venues require proof-of-insurance from all vendors, naming the venue as a protected party. We can provide this proof on request.

What's your shooting style on the day of the wedding?

Generally, we like to let the wedding day progress naturally, and we'll find beautiful scenes and angles as they occur. We look for candid shots everywhere!

Direction: If small changes would make an image much better, we may make a polite suggestion to move closer to a window, or turn off nearby lights, etc.

Posing: We NEVER reach in and touch you or move your limbs as if we were posing action figures.

We like to highlight each couple's happy chemistry, so we prefer to give couples simple cues and let the motions (and emotions) flow naturally and spontaneously! If you feel like laughing, then go right ahead!

Humor: Josh has often been called the "Dancing Ninja Photographer" which may be self explanatory. You'll see.

How do you dress to shoot a wedding?

We dress up! Your wedding is a special event, and we believe in honoring the occasion by attending in formal clothing.

Unless instructed otherwise, Josh always comes in a black suit, white shirt, and black tie. Vanessa wears a dress appropriate for weddings and photography.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, online or in-person. We can also process Personal Checks, no problem!

Cash may be accepted for portrait session fees and product orders of less than $500.

Tip: When making an online deposit of $1000 or more, we suggest using a credit card. You may also wish to inform your card issuing company before attempting the transaction. This resolves most online payment issues.

Can we copy this pose I found on Pinterest?

We love Pinterest! Please feel free to share all your style and idea boards with us! Seeing the pins you like gives us an insight into your personal taste and style preferences and we'll look for ways to incorporate them into your photography.

But! Since Pinterest brings together millions of pictures from different photographers of varying styles and talent levels, it may be difficult to replicate photos or poses that have worked for other couples. Some photos may even be advanced Photoshop composites!

Rather than copy another photographer's shots, we try to create unique and original moments that feel and look natural for you and your personality.

What is a Wedding Collection?

Many are familiar with a Wedding Photography "Package", and for all intents and purposes, a Wedding "Collection" is the same thing:

A selected combination of our services and products, at a special price.

We don't call our packages "collections" just to be all fancy-shmancy.

It's simply a more appropriate word for the end result; A carefully selected collection of valuable photos, albums and professional services that merit a more elevated word than "package".

Okay, so maybe it is kiiiinda fancy.

Why should we have an engagement session?

The Engagement Session is a perfect way to celebrate the countdown to your big day.

While wedding pictures celebrate the grand event, an Engagement Session provides the opportunity to showcase more of your unique personality as a couple, outside of the gown and tux.

These fun and happy photos can be used for save-the-dates, invitations, guestbooks, slideshows, thank you cards and more!

Complimentary in all collections: If you’ve already booked a Wedding Collection, this is your chance to see how relaxing and fun it will be to work with us later on the wedding day!

À La Carte: If you’re considering using our services for the wedding but would like to ‘try before you buy’, then an À La Carte Engagement Session might be for you! It's risk-free; If you love your À La Carte Engagement Session and decide to use our services for the wedding, you may apply the amount paid as a credit toward a matching Wedding Collection.

How can we make our wedding collection more affordable?

Starting with the collection price, all collections are open for customization. We're happy to help you come to a total amount that you're comfortable investing.

Like any moderately priced item, you have options for paying over time if cash or debit is not a viable option.

We accept major credit cards, and some clients choose to take advantage of an introductory APR or promotional rate to spread payments over a much longer period of time, sometimes interest-free.

We also now offer Special Financing through our partner Blispay. You can apply and receive an approval decision and line of credit in just seconds at

What does an installment payment schedule look like?

A deposit of $1000 is due on contract signing for all wedding collections.

The rest is divided into equal monthly installments, due on the 1st or 15th of each month until the wedding.

A $3450 collection, booked 10 months before the wedding.
-$1000 deposit due with contract signing.
-$2450 divided across 10 Months = $245/month

You may deposit more at any time, and monthly installment amount will be adjusted accordingly.